gum tree

gum tree
any of various trees of the genera Eucalyptus or Liquidambar or Nyssa that are sources of gum
Syn: ↑gum
Hypernyms: ↑tree
Hyponyms: ↑liquidambar, ↑eucalyptus, ↑eucalypt, ↑eucalyptus tree, ↑tupelo, ↑tupelo tree
Substance Meronyms: ↑gumwood, ↑gum

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: gum III 4

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1. any tree that exudes gum, as a eucalyptus, the sour gum, or the sweet gum.
2. any of various other gum-yielding trees, as the sapodilla.
[1670-80, Amer.]

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gum tree noun
A tree that exudes gum, or gum resin, kino, etc, esp a eucalyptus tree, or an American tree (genus Nyssa) of the cornel family
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Main Entry:gum

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gum tree UK US noun [countable] [singular gum tree plural gum trees]
a eucalyptus tree
Thesaurus: treeshyponym types of treehypernym

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gum tree,
1. any one of various trees that produce gum. The most common is the sapodilla, which produces a gum called chicle. North American gum trees include the sweet gum, tupelo, and black tupelo. Some Australian eucalyptus trees are also known as gum trees.
2. = eucalyptus. (Cf.eucalyptus)

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n. a tree that exudes gum, esp. a eucalyptus

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Brit informal : in a very difficult situation that you cannot get out of

If they don't deliver the parts we need, we'll really be up a gum tree! [=up the creek]

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ˈgum tree [gum tree gum trees] noun
a ↑eucalyptus tree
Idiom:up a gum tree

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